Champagne Colored Cars - S/T EP

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Listening to a band such as Champagne Colored Cars, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of youthful nostalgia. This EP reminds me of the times when I would drive an hour or two with my best friends to a dingy club where the audience was comprised only of the rest of the performers on the playbill. Yeah, this album is really pop-punk, but that’s not all it has to offer. The lo-fi production and juvenile vocals on this EP fees like a Macseal project, but the intricate guitar passages and frail horns remind me of TTNG.

CCC’s blend of emo, pop punk, and math rock isn’t exactly new, and I can’t say their doing anything revolutionary with these sounds. But, they still sound fairly unique due to the variety in their vocal melodies. The vocals on tracks like “Blue Oak” and “I Eat Stickers All the Time, Dude” remind me of the most recent CityCop album, while those on “Radiant” sound like a duet between Andy Hull and Kevin Devine that one would only find on a Bad Books song. Overall, this is a nice little EP that will make you feel sixteen again.- It Djents
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