Curse League - "Laying by the Fire in Good Company" CD

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"The album opens with ‘The Badlands’, a strangely satisfying emo-folk-bluegrass merger that has the band extolling the virtues of campfire tranquility in soothing vocal harmony. From here, Laying By The Fire launches into a cavalcade of emo with twiddly-twaddly guitar play aplenty. This is a release that is bound to satisfy aficionados of Tiny Moving Parts, Two Knights and the Topshelf Records oeuvre. For those searching for some heartfelt, straight-up-the-middle emo with a sprinkle of math rock, look no further."

- Fecking Bahamas (Nikk Hunter)

"Curse League deliver a bold take on the well explored math-rock formula that finds them set apart from their peers in their conceptual/musical ambition. In a scene that fetishizes technique over song structure/album flow, Curse League took the time to make sure that every song is not only theoretically sound, but also ensured that sonically the songs match the thematic elements being presented by the vocalist in a cohesive manner that will leave a lasting impact on the listener."

- Sick Snaps (Tony Vilorio)

"Curse League takes math rock and drives it off the rails. They make music that your mom will not like and they’re fine with that... Curse League tactfully plays with the intersection of emo and math rock, telling a story which largely unfolds on the US/Mexico border about immigrants, cartels, and community."

- Northwest Music Scene

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