Dad Thighs – "The Ghosts That I Fear"

Old Press Records

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“The spoken word sections are reminiscent of early math rock/post rock bands like Slint and Rodan but manage not to come off as sounding contrived or wallowing in any 90’s nostalgia; there’s genuine passion here and a surprising versatility. Tracks like ‘The Rain it Raineth’ are driven by the same heavy rhythm guitar of bands like ISIS which is a great counterpoint to the tense and minimalistic spoken word tracks like ‘Everyday’.” – Fridgefeed

“We go from soft melodies to a dark hardcore reminiscent of the Toronto band La Luna. Strongly present female vocals that go from reciting words, to harsh screams, with a soft clean voice in between and sometimes accompanied by male backing vocals. Not only their music, but also their aesthetic reminds me of the post-hardcore band Yaphet Kotto, a classic in the underground punk scene.” – DIY Conspiracy

“そしてバーストした時のガーッと上がってくる感じがもう堪りません… めちゃくそ激なエモです 最高です こういうの好きで良かった…” – Melancholy Youth
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