Good Looking Friends - "Settle In, Decay"

Old Press Records

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"Settle In, Decay" is the best introduction to their multifaceted, emo-by-way-of-everything-that’s-not-emo sound." - The Alternative

"Cut from their debut LP, Settle In, Decay, this one grabs the innocence of millennial punk ears and doesn’t let go until we’ve all had the proper dose." - All Things Go

"To provide a brief, surface-level description, the band shifts between catchy, pop punk-esque energy and very melancholic, atmospheric build-ups, which hint at some Sigur Ros influence. They kind of remind me TWIABP, if I was trying to compare them to another band, especially with the wide array of instrumentations (strings, keys) and vocal variety, in addition to the standard guitar-bass-drums." - Sophie's Floorboard

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