The Callous Daoboys - "Die On Mars"

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"Musically, 'Die On Mars' is a straight-face layered over a laughing countenance. You can see this in the venomous, panicked metalcore parts that get placed alongside tongue-in-cheek jazz moments, and this extends to the album's themes and lyricism. Whether it's lamenting "creative torture" in 'Flip-Flops...,' Carson amusingly screaming 'Stay out of Georgia!' to close out 'Blackberry DeLorean,' or calling out those who seemingly label anyone close to a public tragedy as being a 'crisis actor' in 'Dogfight Over The Trenches,' if you peel back these layers, The Callous Daoboys have something to say. Or maybe they're saying nothing and any commentary intent is null and void. Either way, it doesn't change how hard this album goes, how extra it all is, and I love that about it." - Kill Your Stereo

Ships in early December

Third Press:

  • Mars Variant (Band exclusive) /157
  • Sunspot Variant (Band exclusive) /160
  • Phobos Variant (Acrobat Unstable exclusive) /215
  • Wormhole Variant (Acrobat Unstable exclusive) /206
  • Deimos Variant (Revolver/BrooklynVegan/Metal Edge exclusive) / 153
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