Thotcrime - ønyøurcømputer & The Remixes

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At times, Thotcrime’s full length ønyøurcømputer is so intense that it sounds like that titular machine might be on the verge of blue screening. At others, it’s sassy as can be; the group also brings in some screamo influences, particularly a characteristic sing-song vocal delivery where high notes can curdle into screams, as on “…And Then They Danced With An Android!”

On “Every Man’s Maid,” finger sweeping passages interlock with pinch harmonics and gang vocals. “RAWR!,” a song likely named for the love language of both dinosaurs and MySpace teen scenesters, features digitized strumming chords and breakbeat passages. The ethos of the track is a conversation between mother and daughter, in which the daughter asserts her independence. Vocalist Hayley sings “Don’t worry/ I’m hanging out with the girls tonight/ We’re going dancing in the parking lot/ It’s not like we’re gonna get caught”; it’s as if iwrestledabearonce took on the Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” - John McCracken

I first heard Thotcrime when they began releasing music early on in the pandemic, and now Acrobat Unstable is proud to help bring the band's debut album ønyøurcømputer and it's remix album to vinyl!

Side A: ønyøurcømputer 

First press: 
300 Black and Yellow Highlighter
200 Transparent Purple 

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